I started in coffee twenty years ago, back in Wellington, NZ, on a two-group Wega repping L’affare beans. Along the way, I’ve waited tables, poured cocktails, and flipped my fair share of toast in between. I’ve managed cafes, restaurants, and bars, most recently working as General Manager at Barista Hustle. 

In this time I found there was a need to understand humans and how we interact with each other, both for myself and in the places I worked. This led to a degree in behavioural studies from Swinburne University, majoring in psychological science, with a focus on organisational psychology. 

Besides my work here, I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved at Barista Hustle, gaining a Sprudgie for my work on the Superlatives coffee subscription, while writing a few cool articles there too. I’ve also been featured in Standart, writing about the fascinating intersection where coffee meets psychology; and shortly I’ll also have my first paper published, working alongside Christopher Hendon, on espresso reproducibility.