The Resistance of Heat

 “You know there is no such thing as ‘cold’. There is only less heat.” — Alton Brown At the Frisky Goat, our day follows a familiar routine. Milk away, mise set, float in the till, music on; all things correct while the Hot 8 Brass Band fills the shop. Then I season the Opera - … Continue reading The Resistance of Heat

This Low Pressure Rehash

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” - Richard Feynman, November 30, 1965 At the time I had absolutely no idea I was looking at a representation of sheer-jamming in two-dimensional granular materials with power-law grain-size distribution. At all. To me this was obviously a portafilter, … Continue reading This Low Pressure Rehash

Hashtag Mythos Workflow

“A symphony is no joke.” Johannes Brahms, 1833 - 1897 It was Colin Harmon and his Tamper Tantrum presentation that got me interested in the Mythos One. His matter-of-fact delivery and seductive Irish lilt, accompanied by his persuasive post here, convinced me this was something I wanted to try. When our coffee supplier, Supreme Roasters, … Continue reading Hashtag Mythos Workflow

This Low Pressure Lark

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” (Isaac Newton, 1676) I can only imagine how it would feel to find that perfect shirt to wear out. And having found that shirt, ironed it, hailed a cab, headed into town, you turn around and see that shirt. Your shirt, … Continue reading This Low Pressure Lark

How Low Can You Go?

“Most of the world's observables are easily described by a simple set of physical laws. But, as we begin to focus on more detail we quickly realise that our simple laws are not refined enough to describe the more complex interactions. It is these complex ideas that frequently show up in a cup of coffee.”  (Christopher … Continue reading How Low Can You Go?


Cooking has always been a hobby for me, something I do at home, not something ever done professionally. I once auditioned for Masterchef Australia, got through to the final day of auditions before the final 1000 would be flown to Melbourne. I cooked crispy skin duck breast, with duck fat pan roasted potatoes, with an … Continue reading Introductions

“The domain name … is about to expire.”

I was going to write again next week. Something witty. With a recipe. Reminisce maybe and tell a story. I like telling stories. About when I grew up, where I grew up, how I grew up - all stories of my youth, of my past, of what I was way back when. I’d add a … Continue reading “The domain name … is about to expire.”